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We are Sensors manufacture a wide range of instrumentation and associated products including Temperature Sensors, Thermowells and Level Float Switches. We believe in moving quickly and adapting to change at a sustainable pace.

Sensotronikindia has a commitment to manufacture and supply high quality products that are reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Human investment and organisational policy ensures a sense of teamwork and a high level of integrity. This in turn leads to increased performance and high levels of workmanship.

About Us

Sensotronikindia was founded by Mr. Sandeep Talwar who's known for his contagious enthusiasm and passion for embedded development. He believes in mastering technologies and electronics components, that improve robustness and productivity, irrespective of their source, and putting them to effective use. He worked with many sensor designing companies, to make stable and efficient products.

Sensotronikindia is a leading solution provider of custom Temperature, fuel Level and Pressure measurement instrumentation for safe and hazardous area locations. Sensotronikindia offers an unrivalled level of quality and performance, provide outstanding customer service and manufacture & supply products suitable for the most demanding of applications and environments.

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